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The art of dressing

The work of Fratelli Cucciaioni begins in the tailor shop placed in a small provincial village, San Secondo. It is here that the first shop was founded, it is still operational and you can find a variety of fine fabrics with which you can create your garment. That is the head office of our business, where the skilled hands of young and expert artisans can give birth to true works of art.

In the need to better serve our customers and give greater visibility to our creations and to the services we offer, in 2019 we decided to open another shop in the heart of Città di Castello. In both shops the service of High Tailoring and Tailoring Boutique are available and the customer can buy clothing for men and women of various Italian brands.

Our Brands

Our Fabrics

Città di Castello Shop

Spacious shop placed in the main street of the old town, easily accessible.
Here you can find a wide range of clothing from the brand described above and the creation of the Tailoring Boutique.

High Tailoring service is available, preferably by appointment.

San Secondo Shop

It is our historical shop, along with the workshop. Here you can enter the ancient and precious artisanal world, see the tailors’ wise hands at work, understand the long and meticulous process of creating High Tailoring.

One section of the shop is dedicated to a broad exhibition of fabrics, where the customer can delight in seeing and feeling the preciousness of our fabrics, in admiring the colours and the patterns.

Additional services

Fratelli Cucciaioni offers its customers an additional service: doing maintenance work, not only newly made garments. It consists of small tricks which are not only about upsizing or downsizing the garment, also redoing the seams, strengthen the buttholes and many others adjustments.

This special service allows to pass the tailoring experience onto ready-made garments, improving and customising them.

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