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Our High Tailoring service is not for those who want to follow fashion, but for those who want to “be fashion”.
For those who are looking for a personal and timeless style, with respect for values and tradition, a tradition that handed down knowhow from father to son, the knowledge to make unique handmade clothes that don’t fear the passing of time, thus always current.

Craftmanship is a concept that brings together many emotions, the expression of elegance, the creative flare taking shape, the uniqueness and identity for every customer.

Our Tailor shop is based on four fundamental principles:





How are artisanal clothes made

  • The first step to making an artisanal product is definitely a consultation with the customer, listening to their needs, designing the garment together and then looking for the right fabric. We make use of a wide rage of fabrics, for both women and men, from the finest Italian and European factories.
  • We then measure the customer, outlining in detail the personal features for the paper model. Once expert modellers make the template, the cutting is made entirely by hand, and then the fitting process starts.
  • High end tailored clothes need at least two or three fittings, they can take place in our shop or at home. During the fittings we make all the necessary corrections to create the perfect garment.
  • The tailoring services can be provided at your home. The service can be carried out, only by appointment, in the customer’s home according to the needs of each individual customer.

Clothes as emotions

Craftmanship is a concept that brings together many emotions, the expression of elegance, the creative flare that takes shape, the uniqueness and identity for those who will wear our clothes.

Each customer has a personal profile, has a story that is told artisanally, keeping a memory of their passage in our tailor shop, gathering information on their measurements, on the clothes we’ve made for them, on the selected fabrics.

A unique identity

The logic that guides the entire work of tailoring is customization and the wellbeing of the customer is what its philosophy is based on. The exclusive oneness of garments is for Fratelli Cucciaioni the true value of the product, a constant search and attention to bring the garment closer and closer to the customer’s personality.

Another essential element is time, a fundamental variable that confers an infinitely precious value to the garment. That is indeed synonymous with the attention to detail. A creation that translates the personality of the customer into the cutting, the search, the shape and style.

Craftmanship is guaranteed at every stage of the production. Manual skills, dedication and again time are the essential ingredients of the making of a garment.

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