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The origins

The story of Fratelli Cucciaioni begins in San Secondo, in the municipality of Città di Castello, it matches the story of the “founding fathers”, the brothers Sante, Mario and Silvio who lived through the ‘40s.

In particular, Sante, the deafmute brother, was the forerunner. As it often happened in such cases, he was sent to the Serafico, an institution in Assisi for both deaf and blind people, so that he could learn a trade. Not only did Sante learn to work as a tailor, but he also started a family tradition destined to last in time and remain intact up to our days. In fact, after perfecting the art of tailoring with an apprenticeship in a tailor’s workshop, he involved his brothers introducing them to the creative magic of needle and thread.

It was only in 1964 however that the business started to be carried out in a proper tailor shop, it was at first carried out in their house, as it often used to happen for many crafts. Thanks to the position of trust that the brothers managed to consolidate, known to everyone as “the San Secondo Tailors”, they decided to create a proper workshop outside their home.

“In accordance with the tailor philosophy:
clothes make people”

Friedrich Nietzsche


Today the tradition is carried out by the three brothers’ children, the cousins Roberta, Moreno and Roberto. The three cousins intentionally carried on the family-run business, that’s why the concept of familiarity and friendliness lies in the tailor shop’s DNA.

There are people who have been working with them for ages and who now form part of one big extended family, united by the devotion for craftmanship and the passion for a profession that is a fertile ground for creativity and elegance, hence every modern concept of fashion and style.

“We firmly believe in the value of manual skills, also we believe
that where that has not been applied from the beginning,
it can represent a vector of improvement and value”

Cucciaioni Brothers

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