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SINCE 1952
Thoughts and garments

When we put together craftsmanship, history and art we begin to think about something unique, intimate and timeless, something that endures over time and encloses plenty of values.

That is what a tailor shop is all about, where work is not just work, but a craft: a place where time does not run fast and unfinished, but becomes smooth and creative.

Fratelli Cucciaioni is all this.

High Tailoring

Creating artisanally, by hand, nowadays has become a craft that encapsulates the meaning of preciousness and exclusiveness. It is a path, a journey that the artisan takes along with the customers in order to bring into their hands something unique that represents their personality and their way of being.
The tailoring of a garment, whether it be a wedding gown, a wedding suit or a business suit, is for us a profound act of creation that talks about oneself, something to be owned and expressed one one’s skin.

Discover the magic and uniqueness of High Tailoring, where creativity and imagination have no limits.

Tailoring Boutique

In the Tailoring Boutique, the choice of the pattern not only has a size, but a name, an identity.
The clothing is tailored for the customer, on the customer, although we start using pre-established templates.

The output is a unique piece that goes through a simplified process compared to the High Tailoring, but that still reflects the personality of the customer.

The Shops

Two shops, one workshop, the same services everywhere. This will ensure that our customers feel taken care of, at ease and with the attention required to make them live the unique high tailoring experience and the other artisanal special services.

The tailor at your house

You can’t move? We come to you.

We come over to you, or wherever you please, to create clothing customized around you. Choose from a wide rage of patterns and fabrics, establish every detail to obtain a unique and original garment, 100% customised according to your tastes and needs.

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